Calculation of waste flow-rate in domestic use

The app returns the flow-rate to be drained in a group of houses, basing on the number and type of devices present in each house
Sanitary units layout

BasinBidetShowerTubSinkDish washing machineWashing machineWC
Flow-rate for selected unitQ (l/sec)
Number of unitsNS ( )
Standard values for Ns22111112

(ip: No. 2 bagni e No. 1 cucina per unità abitativa)

Flow-rate calculation for single house:

N. of unitsNS( )
Average flow-rateQ(l/sec)
Contemporaneity factor for single houseKU( )
Flow-rate for single houseQa(l/sec)

Total flow-rate of housese:

N. of housesNa( )
Contemporateity factor for housesKa( )
Design flow-rate (method 1)Qp(l/sec)
Overall contemporaneity factorKg( )
Design flow-rate (method 2)Qp(l/sec)