Buoyancy verification

The app returns buoyancy verification of underground pipes subject to tablewater conditions
REMARK: sheet returns valid data only if H ≥ Hf
Verification fo buoyancy

Pipe Type  
Pipe DN/ODDN(mm)
SN (only for UNI EN 13476 pipes)SN(KPa)
Pipe Internal DiameterDi(mm)
Pipe meterweight (calculated upon emin)Pp(Kg/m)
Backfill soil type  
Backfill soil densitygs(Kg/m3)
Density of fluid in watertablegw(Kg/m3)
Installation depthH(m)
Tablewater depthHf(m)
Linear weight of soil above tablewaterPs1(Kg/m)
Linear weight of soil below tablewaterPs2(Kg/m)
Linear total weight (soil + pipe)Ptot(Kg/m)
Buoyancy forceSA(Kg/m)
Verification fo buoyancy  
Safety coeff for buoyancy ( )