B2B Advanced Solution

Picenum Plast improves its efficiency and provides you with an integrated order request system.

An innovative solution for everyone that allows customers to view the wide range of Picenum Plast products and request a quote with a simple click.

What is it about?

Every single user, once logged in, can choose the products and send a quote request directly to the company.

Our Customer Care service will respond promptly by forwarding the relevant Purchase Proposal to the customer, specifying discounts and any relevant additional costs.


Quotes immediately transmitted to Picenum Plast is synonymous with a rapid response to the request at hand.

Each request will be received in copy to Picenum Plast accompanied by product types and quantities. In automatic the customer will receive via email the summary of the requested quote.

The appointed Staff of Picenum Plast is available to customers. An active chat will solve any problem or issue of interest related to the inquiry

The system will elaborate a historical archive so that the user can always review past inquiry.