YouPipe, Online Calculation Platform by Picenum Plast

From a long-term of experience in the infrastructure, construction and irrigation sector, Picenum Plast S.p.a. places at the disposal of our clients “YouPipe” an efficient technical support tool dedicated to companies and designers to perform online hydraulic and statistical calculations, verifications and dimensional computation.

This simple and practical tool, which can be used on all platforms, offers the user Tables, Calculations and technical information regarding the entire Picenum Plast product range.

To whom is this dedicated and who can benefit from this?

 Youpipe helps project design dept./offices, in fact this technical support program can extract basic data useful for pipeline suitability and applicable dimensional aspects as well as verification tests for projects.

This tool is also aimed at construction companies, providing information and technical elements aimed at the correct choice of pipe network for tenders.

Seeing is believing !

Is Smart, is Powerfull, User Friendly