Waterhammer effect calculation

This worksheet returns the overpressure due to waterhammer in plastic pipes due to flow transients after maneuvers such as valve opening/closing
Wave propagation velocity
Critical time
Overpressure for quick maneuvers
Overpressure for slow maneuvers

Pipe nominal (external) diameterdn(mm)
Pipe SDRSDR( )
Pipe length before maneuvering pointL*(m)
Flow-rate adjustment timetr(sec)
Short-term elasticity modulus of pipe materialEs(GPa)
Compression modulus of fluidEa(GPa)
Sound velocityc0(m/sec)
Fluid mass densityra(Kg/m3)
Pipe Internal Diameterdi(mm)
Pipe cross-sectionA(m2)
Fluid velocityv(m/sec)
Wave propagation velocitya(m/sec)
Critical timetc(sec)
Maneuver type  
Over pressure for quick maneuversDpa(Pa)
Over pressure for slow maneuversDpa(Pa)