Floating buoyancy calculation for rafts made with capped tubes at the ends

The app returns the buoyancy thrust of a raft made with N pipes with length L

Pipe mass densityrt(Kg/m3)
Mass density of pipe fill-up fluidraria(Kg/m3)
Mass density of waterrh2o(Kg/m3)
Number of pipes in the raftN( )
Pipe lengthL(m)
Pipe nominal diameterDN(mm)
External pipe radiusRe(mm)
Pipe thicknesse(mm)
Pipe internal diameterDi(mm)
Pipe internal radiusRi(mm)
Raft sinka(mm)
Distance of water level from pipe centera1(mm)
Load on raftPe(Kg)
Pipe volumeVtm3
Pipe weightPtKgp
Unit volume of internal fluidVariam3
Unit weight of internal fluidPariaKgp
Total load on raftPtotKgp
Submerged pipe volumeVim3
Buoyancy thrustSgKgp
sinceSgPtotthe buoyancy condition